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Organic cuisine

The return to traditional flavours, with the maximum respect for the product, is what we propose at Natur Cook. It has motivated us to create a new range of cuisine based on organic farming. No additives, and nothing but the authentic taste of produce grown under careful conditions of time, moisture and climate. That is the basis of our new cuisine: designed for those seeking natural, tasty food which cares for the environment.

Our aim at Natur Cook is to thrill with our cooking, and this is achieved with a clear commitment to a culinary tradition based on the Mediterranean diet and organic home-grown ingredients. The result is an assimilation of natural nutrients, producing healthier food with real taste and healthier digestion.


Organic cuisine at home and in a restaurant

The new range of Natur Cook products can be enjoyed at home, with your family, in a dinner with friends, in a restaurant or in a catering banquet. We make homemade food for families, hotels and for wholesale distribution. Either as a snack or a side dish, we have several pack sizes to meet the demands of small consumers and the needs of large concerns, supermarket chains, restaurants and hotels.

Traditional cuisine with innovative recipes but, most of all, bound to nature, giving prominence to the product, respecting its taste and texture. That is what we propose at Natur Cook and what we bring to your table, either at home or in a restaurant.

Culinary specialities

At Natur Cook, we identify with respect for the land and the health of people. Our products are organic and traditional dishes, such as croquettes and omelettes made following the recipes of our mothers.

The cooking at Natur Cook is designed for those who like to try recipes made with love with cultivated products having respect for nature, which combine to form the basis of our most delicious kitchen produce. An alternative cuisine, with the product as the star and aromas and flavours that make cooking one of the great pleasures of life.

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